Semi-automatic calcium sparks detection software

IOCBIO Sparks is a cross-platform application for analysis and detection of calcium sparks when imaged using confocal microscope line scanning mode.

Results of the analysis are stored in the database (schema described in database-schema and, if needed, can be exported into spreadsheet file.

Citations and software description

Software is described in a paper published in PeerJ (see below) that gives a background information regarding use of the software and shows an example analysis of sparks. Please cite this paper if you use the software.

Laasmaa, M., Karro, N., Birkedal, R., & Vendelin, M. (2019). IOCBIO Sparks detection and analysis software. PeerJ, 7, e6652

Copyright (C) 2018-2021 Laboratory of Systems Biology, Department of Cybernetics, School of Science, Tallinn University of Technology.

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